Object-Oriented PHP for WordPress Developers

Welcome to our free course on object-oriented PHP (OOPHP) for WordPress. This course explains the following: The object-oriented paradigm in software development, and its strengths and weaknesses relative to other paradigms, The core concepts of object-oriented programming in PHP with code examples, A few advanced topics in OOPHP that are especially useful in WordPress development, […]

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Our 2018 Black Friday sale: 50% off our Premium Courses Bundle

Happy Thanksgiving! This year we’ve got our best-ever offer on our two WordPress education products: 50% off both our courses, for a $197 saving. We’ve bundled our “learn WordPress development” course Up and Running (Deluxe tier, $197 value) and WordPress Security with Confidence for Developers ($197 value), our course to ensure you know how to write secure code into a Black […]

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