The Four Languages You Must Know to Understand WordPress

Learning WordPress development starts with a lot of key questions, including this one: “What language is WordPress written in?” Another common one is “Should I learn PHP or JavaScript first?” WordPress programming languages is a big topic, but we’ll cover all you need to get started. The answer to “What coding language does WordPress use?” […]

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How to Customize File Upload Inputs

How to Customize File Upload Inputs → This code demo saved my bacon on a client project that needed a very specifically styled file upload input box. Why would that be difficult? It turns out there’s no default way to override the browser’s <input type=”file”> styling! Isn’t that weird? The key information is in the “Hiding the […]

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Basic Syntax of HTML with Example

Basic Syntax of HTML with Example: To get in to deep with html its very important to understand and learn the basics syntax of html and understand syntax of html so lets dive in the basics of html programming and html what does it mean. Before diving in lets see what is html and what […]

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